From Breakdown to Breakthrough

January 30th, 2013

The holidays are well and truly over and I have done some soul searching recently. The holiday itself was not too stressful even though I have been doing some remodeling and decorating. I finally had the house in a clean enough state to feel I could decorate and have my daughter and her fiancé over for dinner. When I put up the little Christmas tree late in the afternoon I had a minor breakdown because the fiber optic rotator light wouldn’t work. I quickly grabbed the base of the unit and took it apart to take to the local big store to get the light I wanted to replace so I would have the right one. I made the purchase with 2 minutes to spare. Hallelujah, my tree would work.
Only it didn’t! That’s when I bawled. Now you would think that an adult wouldn’t start crying over something supposedly so insignificant but I had set a goal with the whole remodeling thing – it was all to be completed by December 23rd and it wasn’t, so I sat there and bawled for about 5 minutes. As I had that pity party, a sudden insight came to me that I had been running on fumes and being so tired that I was being negative about life and my goals. I thought: I am supposed to be able to keep positive thoughts and fulfill on my metaphysical teachings and here I was crying ? Where was my fortitude and my problem solving attitude? I sat for a short time and an idea came to me on how I could put lights on my tree and have what I wanted. The final product looked nice and I spent the rest of the evening finalizing my Christmas decorating and enjoying my Christmas movie tradition. The holiday turned out well and I went on after working to complete the remodel.

How does this relate to metaphysics? Thoughts are things, if they are negative then we have negative in our lives. I just wanted to show you that it can happen in an instant and be changed in an instant even with so called minor instances.

Metaphysics and the Power of Your Word

December 4th, 2012

Did you know that the power of your word is so effective that you can have life changing things happen?   What am I talking about? A friend of mine loves to use the words ‘you know what kills me’ or ‘the killer of this is….’  And I tell you, this person has had several close calls in her life so I told her of something in my past that happened to one of my brothers to help her understand how her words were causing her close calls.  Hope the following story will help you as it has others.

My brother used to love to say, “you know what kills me?…. and he would say it about cereal boxes or friends he knew something about and other little things like that, and…we were noticing that he was having some automobile accidents with a couple of being extremely close calls, one time the car was actually totaled!  The good news is that he walked away with only a few scratches; the bad news is at first we weren’t figuring out what was happening. One of our first thoughts, like people have sometimes, especially those of us in metaphysics, is ‘why do you seem to have a death wish?’  His reaction was of course, “I don’t have a death wish,” and “I’m not doing that”.  As we stated really listening to what he was saying we suddenly had a light bulb experience! His words for everything that he found interesting or different were not ‘you know what I find interesting’, it was ‘you know what kills me” expressed with feeling and the light bulb went off.  We let him know what we were hearing.  He understood and stopped using those words and never had an automobile accident for the rest of his life. He stayed safe and sound because he stopped using those words.

Metaphysics and Abscesses, What to do

November 28th, 2012

This past year has been one that showed me again that life is interesting and changing all the time.  This is the first time I am writing in over a year and I find myself looking back and realizing the I didn’t use my metaphysics as much as I thought I would but I am getting back on track. This past month was a great reminder to me about the power of words and the power of our minds.

I have a great friend who was working through some issues in her life. Issues that were related to family and work and her volunteer activity that she loves to do. Each of these life issues had their own specific situation. But as she joined us for our workshop, she was suffering from a toothache, which she described as something that was happening because of a possible abscess by the tooth, rather than the tooth being damaged. I’m not sure exactly what that is for sure but I can tell you that based on the conversations we were having all weekend, she was definitely obsessing about these other issues in her life, to the point that it was the majority of what she talked about.  You ask why a toothache, she was gnawing on these issues all the time.

My point in this is, an abscess, as we know, is a puss filled area in the body due to the increase of germs, from the medical stand point.  From the metaphysical standpoint an abscess is the festering of something that is not working well in our life or is causing us to either be very worried or to be constantly thinking about, working to figure out a way to survive, fix or get around it. I noticed that when she would take some pain medication believing that it would work and as she let her mind work on the project for the day, the toothache would seem to subside and she would be of able to get work done and all was well.  But as soon as she was finishing the project, she would again bring up the issues and suddenly the toothache was bad again, and she needed more medication.  I was finally able to give her a suggestion as to why the toothache was getting so bad, (she said that it was the worst toothache she had had in ten years. And as I have known her for some time, I know that what she’s dealing with right now is probably the some of the worst issues that she has dealt with in a long time.)

Here is what I told her and I want to give to everyone of you:  When you are obsessing, festering or fussing on something that is an issue with you, please be extremely careful and work to let the issue go, and with me, I like to let God take over.  It is the constant thinking and talking about the problems that make them so big and powerful.  What you put your mind on is what the mind will make larger than life and this is the problem.  To work around that, I will write a list of the pros and cons of the ideas that come to mind that involve the issue and thus allow the ideas to flow. Then I put the paper aside and let the issue go so that I can work on other things.  The answer will come and I know from experience that it does work.  But the biggest piece here is that if you let it go, then the issue that is causing the abscess will be gone to.

Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction:

September 4th, 2011

Have you always wanted a better life?  A different body? More health? More Wealth? Personality? Harmony with others?

All this can be yours when you understand metaphysics and the law of attraction.

 What is the law of attraction?  When looked at from the positive point of view it is the pulling of wonderful things into our life.  From the negative, it pulls those things we would rather not have coming our way. The fact everyone needs to be aware of is that this law works both ways ALL the time.  Our thoughts act like magnets to attract what we think about the most, into our orbit.  One Bible statement that supports this is. “What I feared (worried) has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me”.  Job 3:25 NIV   This is a fact of life.

 How do we change this?  By working on changing our thought patterns and our feelings, we can change how the law works for us. There are many ways and many programs available that can help anyone willing to make this change succeed.  Using affirmations, meditation and other disciplines as well as understanding metaphysics will give you the life of your dreams as long as you are willing to keep working with what you think each and every day.  (Don’t worry, we all slip up once in a while, but we just keep working at it.)

 As I have commented before, metaphysics is the understanding of the underlying meaning of the words we use and the symbols/metaphors of the words.  When we have a health issue, many times we are using descriptive words and have thoughts that represent that symptom.  I have been dealing with sight issues all my life.  I think I back slide more on this issue than any other because I take for granted my sight will be corrected with glasses and taking time to correct this takes away from other life activities.  Now I am realizing that I need to work on this because more and more the meanings of my sight metaphysically are affecting my daily life.  Having nearsighted and astigmatism issues from the age of 5, I originally thought when I grew older that it was heredity. When I learned about metaphysics, I was able to “see” what may have caused some of the original problems.  Nearsighted issues relate to  fear of the future, not wanting to trust what is ahead and  Astigmatism means I can not see my way clearly, literally and metaphorically, confused or conflicted on making choices or not seeing myself as a good /beautiful person .  About the time I started having the eyesight issues my folks were going through a divorce and I felt very confused and rejected by my father.  With the belief of sight problems being hereditary, everyone helped instill that thought into me also, so of course for many years I believed this as truth. Now I am again having eye issues, cataracts- not surprisingly, fear of the future again- a dark future.  I am finding myself not sure of what and where I want my life to go in several areas, so now that I am aware of the metaphysical issues here, I will make changes in my planning of goals and ideals and affirm, I am having a joyful life.  When I change my mind, I will start having the law of attraction work to bring about more healing in my eyes.


Oh, for the faith of a child!

August 26th, 2011

Oh for the faith of a child! One that believes what we say is the truth and what we do heals. If we all had this, our lives would be so much better both spiritually and in health. Today I witnessed my grandson in this wonderful spiritual faith position. Shopping with his mother and me he was determined to get out of the shopping cart and as she was lifting him out, he decided to jump up at the same time to help her. As I am sure you all can imagine, he socked mom in the jaw with his head. Mom almost cried it was such a hard hit. Little one immediately said very contritely and soulfully, ‘I’m sorry, Mommy’ and KISSED it better. When we were talking to this lovely 3 year old about it hurting and he needed to be more careful he says “its all better, I kissed it!” And you know what, it wasn’t very long and mom was better.
I have been having several kiss it better moments since I wrote last year. Many things have tested my learning and knowing and at times I have to say that I have wondered if I was on the right track or just having an aberration. Some wonderful friends and family have helped by “kissing it better” and my faith in what I have been teaching has actually been strengthened with the rough times.
I have been using metaphysics for many years and to me it means taking responsibility for my personal thoughts, feelings and actions, which has never been easy but I know that if I do work on the meanings of my words from the metaphysics stand point, I will come though with a better understanding and better health.

May you all have ‘kiss it better’ moments this week.

Metaphysics and Happiness

May 21st, 2010

I have been very busy reviewing my thoughts and feelings these last few weeks. They have been fluctuating between dismay, unhappiness and anger. Finally I have taken charge and started on the happiness route. You ask what I mean by “the happiness route”. I mean that I can control my thoughts and in doing so I can decide to be happy. When I am happy life gets better. Things that are not going well start to change for the better and any injuries and illness also get better. That is the whole concept of metaphysics, changing your thoughts with proper feelings to achieve what you want.

Metaphysically, to get better I need to look for a few things every day that I am satisfied with, or feel happy about. I need to think and dwell on those good feelings so that I can change the focus of my day and life. I can see differently each and every aspect of my life and decide how I will view it. If I have a health problem, I can affirm for healing and full return of life’s activities. If I have an injury, I can affirm and “see” it healed and working correctly.
I can also use Meridian Tapping to help with these stresses and problems. I have found that EFT or Meridian Energy Tapping does help me a lot. The help to change the focus of my thoughts, thus changing what is happening in my life. All the while, metaphysically I work with my words, thoughts and attitudes.
As I did this these last few weeks, life is looking better and the ills are healing. Try a change in attitude, it works.

Metaphysics and Hope

April 27th, 2010

What does Metaphysics have to do with hope? We all use that word; in fact many of us use it daily, and more than once a day. Do you use it positively or negatively, that is the question. Hope by definition is “to cherish a desire with anticipation”*. This is a positive statement of the verb ‘hope’. Do you use it that way or are you like many of us that say it but our actual thought and feeling has a question mark on the way we say it.

How do I mean that……example: when I say “I hope to make a thousand dollars this week on my product sales”, and say it without any real positive feeling or passion, I can be guaranteed that even with doing my sales calls and connecting, I will not make that profit! Why, because I am saying this with background thoughts that maybe I won’t make this goal; I haven’t made that one before; I am getting too many no’s from my customers; I don’t have any new contacts, etc. Metaphysically, I have botched my chances of making that goal.

Metaphysics holds more than word meaning, it is activated by our passion and background thoughts also. Thus when we use this word, we need to put all our thoughts on the making of the goal we are stating. We need to work on affirmations that will support that goal and keep our thoughts as positive as we can. I would suggest that we actively only use the word hope when we are more sure that the expectation is a positive outcome than a possible negative outcome because as life goes on, we could find ourselves not getting the results we want because we have seen the “hope” not come about. Metaphysically, work on using words that make you actively engage in the outcome you want i.e. words like: I plan to __________; I am working on_____________; I am making __________ and other active words to expedite your hope.

* quote from:

Metaphysics and Perfection

April 8th, 2010

“This may come as a surprise to you, but…
You are 100% successful
100% of the time!
Here’s the catch — you are successful at creating what you expect – at creating what your unconscious mind thinks is appropriate and safe. Whatever you may consciously desire, your unconscious mind may have other ideas.

Want to know what it wants? Take a look around you at your present circumstances – at your current level of health, wealth and happiness. That is what you have successfully created.
You cannot expect things to change outside of you until they change inside.
So… how do you make these changes?
By changing your internal program settings.
You Program Yourself for Success!”
Quote by Brad Yates

You are as perfect at this moment as you can be!

Both of these statements above are correct because we live in the moment and as long as we continue to think, act and complain or praise the same things all the time, our world will stay the same and we will be as perfect or successful as we are RIGHT NOW.

Now do we like our moment of perfection as it is? If you are me, no, not always. Why, because I want to see some changes in my life and have to consistently watch how I word or think about an issue that is challenging me. I know that the metaphysical aspect of the words I use and think have a direct result for me if not instantaneously at least consequently.

I take care of my mother on a 24/7 basis and as this has been going on for many years, I sometimes find myself irritated with the restraints that this type of care imposes. My lovely mother has dementia and that too requires patience that though others say I have in abundance, I know inside that I am not as patient as I want to be. How do I know, I have a barometer that appears consistently when I allow the irritation to come forward. My barometer is a sinus infection or reaction.

In metaphysics, sinus infections are irritation with those close to us. Family, friends even ourselves can bring on this type of reaction. We may love our family, but our reactions to the things that happen with them can lead to the physical manifestation.

So how do I change this, I make a list of the actions, thoughts that are “bugging me” and I then work on affirmations that I say each time I start to feel the irritation. I have also started using “EFT” or Median Tapping to help with the changes. Example: I affirm that “even though I feel irritation with having to stay home when I want to go, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to work on my goals for my future.” Or feel upset by ________, I choose to love and accept myself and choose to be calm and patient with ________. By doing these affirmations several times daily, I can make those changes to my moment perfection and start to metaphysically draw more patience and love into my life as I work toward my goals.

Christianity and Metaphysical Philosophy

April 7th, 2010

If you bring up the word ‘metaphysical’ around a fundamental Christian you might see a funny look appear on their face. Some Christians will claim that it isn’t taught in the Bible, it is modern philosophy, it is science, it is secular, it is witchcraft, and it is New Age. However, if you think about it, what part of the Bible isn’t metaphysical? The word ‘metaphysical’ simply pertains to something that is outside the realm of physical reality. There are a lot of debates about what things in the Bible are to be taken literally, but we do know that walking on water, rising from the dead, feeding thousands with two fish, virgin conceptions, escaping from fiery furnaces, making the blind see, and turning water into wine certainly goes beyond our realm of normal physical reality. These occasions in the Bible would have to fit under the category of metaphysical.

Recent studies have proven that particles and energy can be interchangeable because they are really just different forms of the same essence. For instance, thought energy is transmitted by electric ions. The more we are in tune with spirit vibrations, the quicker our intention gets across which negates the need for slower ways of moving these electric ions around. Therefore, there really is a scientific basis for a lot of the miracles that are written about in the Bible. It helps make a connection between science and religion and to explain material things in spirit terms and spiritual things in material terms. This is the essence of metaphysical Christianity.



Metaphysical Christianity

April 6th, 2010

To some people the idea of Metaphysical Christianity appears to be a contradiction. Is it possible to be Christian and Metaphysical at the same time? The dictionary defines Christian as ‘professing to believe in Christianity’. Christianity is defined as ‘religion founded on the teachings off Jesus’.

Granted, there are people who have erroneous views of metaphysics. It is not witchcraft, astrology, numerology, tarot, or fortune telling, although many metaphysical people do study these ancient teachings. Metaphysics is the study of truth. It is looking farther than what is on the surface and seeing what is really there, instead of blindly taking things at face value. The dictionary defines metaphysics as ‘the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality and the relationship between mind and matter’. This means asking why and how our world works the way it does. It means that we attempt to see and understand our lives more thoroughly.

Metaphysical Christianity is a set of beliefs that are founded on the teachings of Jesus and how he saw reality. It also looks into the relationship between mind and matter, which is God. A Metaphysical Christian studies not just the words of Jesus, but also His actions. The imagery and metaphors He used are studied in order to perceive their deepest meaning. In cooperation with finding the true meanings of the Bible, take a look at John 4:24, ‘God is spirit; and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth’. Spirit is defined as ‘the animating force within human beings; soul.’